White paper


The Florijncoin White paper is a dynamic document and can be adapted to the latest state of affairs in the event of changes.

  1. Introduction

Florijncoin (ticker FLRN) is a decentralized, privacy-offering cryptocurrency for the European market with a total circulation of 620 million FLRN. Florijncoin aims to give the user power back over his or her assets and no longer have to depend on slow and expensive intermediaries or agencies.

Florijncoin works via a digital and decentralized network and therefore has no single point of failure. The Florijncoin blockchain uses the X11 algorithm that was once designed by Dash’s lead developer, Evan Duffield. We can say that Florijncoin is a “fork” of Dash, Florijncoin’s development team has further developed this fork and made it its own coin. Various functions such as; safety, speed and reliability have been preserved from the original Dash blockchain.

  1. Target group

Florijncoin is a European currency and will therefore only focus on entrepreneurs and consumers within Europe. The Florijncoin platform is very user-friendly, allowing everyone from young to old to use this new and safe method of payment, saving and investing.

  1. Laws and regulations

Regarding laws and regulations, Florijncoin adheres to the European guidelines for cryptocurrency. Even if changes are made to these guidelines, Florijncoin will adjust accordingly.

  1. Operation of the Florijncoin network

Florijncoin uses the “Proof of Work” system in combination with master nodes. This allows the Florijncoin network to reach agreement on the status of all transactions recorded on the blockchain and to prevent certain attacks on the network. The additional introduction of master nodes also makes a 51% attack virtually impossible, making the Florijncoin network safe and reliable even with a lower hashrate.

  1. FlorijnPay

FlorijnPay is a Florijncoin project to bring entrepreneurs and customers together through payments via the blockchain. Florijncoin is developing a POS system that the entrepreneur can implement in his or her case and in this way can easily serve customers with payments in Florijncoin and other cryptocurrency. This method of payment is practically free, super-fast, secure and without the intervention of a bank or other agency.

  1. Vision

Together with the European community, we hope to achieve better financial services for all entrepreneurs and consumers within Europe. One that is fair, transparent and cheaper than traditional financial services and where the power over the assets lies entirely with the end user. We are aware that this may be a long and arduous process, but we are convinced that the transition to cryptocurrency will definitely take place and that Florijncoin will play an important role in this for the European market. Cryptocurrecy is indispensable in today’s society and will eventually take over the role of traditional currency. The question is not whether cryptocurrency will take over this role, but when.

  1. Cryptocurrency exchanges

Until cryptocurrency becomes the new standard, it is important to be able to continue to do business with instances that are not yet ready. For this it must be possible to exchange Florijncoin for another coin or even fiat. This is facilitated by cryptocurrency exchanges. Florijncoin ensures that this opportunity will come and stay.

  1. Security

At Florijncoin, the power of the assets lies entirely with the end user. This also means that the responsibility for this lies with the end user. Because online wallets and exchanges are not the best way to store Florijncoin in the context of security, Florijncoin offers various options to safeguard its assets: saving Florijncoin on the “paper wallet” or storing it on an “Elipall cold wallet ”. The “Elipall cold wallet” offers the most security because this cold wallet can be repaired in the event of loss, theft or defect so that you can regain access to your assets.

  1. Disclaimer

Florijncoin which are stored in your own Florijncoin wallet are solely and entirely under your own responsibility, you manage your own “wallet” and “private keys”, take care of it. The Florijncoin team will never be liable and cannot help you to repair your wallet if you delete it, damage it or lose it. Always ensure safe storage. Our advice in this is a cold wallet with a titanium letter box for the storage of your private keys. #notyourkeysnotyourcrypto.

  1. Competent authorities

We are of course always obliged to hand over your data to the competent authorities in the event of fraud and / or in the event of an investigation by the police, judicial authorities or tax authorities, etc. We will also be obliged to always report all illegal activities, such as offering ” dirty money”, to the relevant authorities. Security and better financial services is what we stand for.