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The Florijncoin | FLRN White Pay Paper is a dynamic document V. 27122022

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the Florijncoin Exchange and Coin Market Cap (CMC) ticker FLRN, but am not sure who to ask. Check out this collection of questions and answers and follow the links to learn more.

What is Florijncoin?

FLRN stands for Florijncoin™ Private Sovereign Internet Cash and is based on the original Bitcoin and Dash X11 protocol. But unlike BTC, FLRN utilizes improved X11 blockchain technology to facilitate lightning-quick transactions with almost zero fees, while also protecting your privacy from nosy individuals, invasive corporations, and government overreach. It is real money for real people who believe in self-determination and sound monetary principles. Florijncoin is a digital currency that allows anyone, anywhere in the world, to make fast, easy, and cheap payments, at any time and without a central authority. Based on a decentralized peer-to-peer network and secured by strong cryptography, FLRN offers a secure and user-friendly barrier-free payment method. FLRN is portable, cheap, shareable, and fast digital cash for both the internet and everyday life. Download an ELLIPAL mobile wallet on your phone and or tablet to start using it. Our FLRN development team is busy with the FlorijnPay POS system development, and ATM development and listing, both great updates, when ready! Both updates could definitely be huge in the next wave of crypto adoption.

Who invented Florijncoin?

Based on the Bitcoin project, Litecoin and then Dash was launched on January 18, 2014, by founder Evan Duffield, our Florijncoin core development team Vincent van Lien John Brekelmans, and Pascall, hard forked Dash in November 2018 and greatly improved it as Florijncoin ticker FLRN, see website: www.florijncoin.com. For the first few years of development, FLRN has focused on speed and fungibility, making it an excellent and practical alternative to cash, both online and at the point of sale in shops and restaurants, the FLRN network is part decentralized and part central. Due to regulations and high cost, it’s still not listed!

Why do we need Florijncoin?

Because financial institutions can no longer be trusted.  Data collection,  theft through inflation, manipulation of markets, outrageous transaction fees, censorship, and restrictions on what we can buy and sell, that is why we can no longer trust these money changers.  We need a decentralized money system, made for the people, by the people, not institutions.  That’s why we need a cryptocurrency as FLRN.

What is Florijncoin used for?

Due to its low fees and fast transactions, FLRN can now be used worldwide as a practical alternative to cash and credit cards. It is also a useful solution for international money transfers. It could become especially popular in regions where there are technical barriers to traditional payment systems, or where hyperinflation makes the existing currency impractical to use. Due to the fast receipt and shipping, FLRN is a super nice payment method that can be used globally! with a free-to-download third-party private mobile wallet see Apple or Google Play Store search on ELLIPAL and download it for free and send your wallet address to us:  info@florijncoin.com

Who are we?

We are a community of sovereign people just like you.  We are Freemen with God-given inalienable rights.  But unlike most, we are not willing to capitulate our rights to a system designed to enslave us.  So we, as a community, created a parallel money system that is independent of their influence and control.  If you would like to participate, we welcome the opportunity to stand with you as Freemen, because Freemen we are FLRN, join us now. Your money, your wallet, your payment,

How does Florijncoin get its value?

Like any currency, FLRN gets its value through the CMC exchanges, because people find it useful and are therefore willing to purchase it through an exchange and spend or receive it in exchange for goods and services. 

What are the advantages of Florijncoin?

Freedom: FLRN puts you in full control of your money. FLRN can be sent or received at any time by anyone, anywhere in the world. There are no holidays, exchange rates, bureaucracy, or hidden costs. Irreversible Transactions: Transactions are instant and final, protecting sellers from fraudulent chargebacks. Security: Payments in FLRN can be made and verified by both parties even without personal information in the transaction through the block explorer see: http://inspector.flrn.pro:8080/ Speed: Unlike many other digital currencies, transactions in FLRN are secure and visible to the entire network in less than 1.5 seconds. Our development team will improve the speed considerably! 

What are the disadvantages of Florijncoin?

Acceptance: FLRN is not yet as widely accepted as other payment methods. Many retailers have never heard of FLRN, we will quickly change that after the listing on the CMC exchanges through a major marketing campaign. Volatility: As a relatively new currency, the market value of FLRN is not yet stable. These daily fluctuations can discourage users and merchants from transacting in FLRN or holding FLRN after completing a transaction, the value they can see via the Coin Market Cap https://www.coinmarketcap.com  

What is an X11 Asic blockchain?

An X11 ASIC blockchain is a ledger of all transactions ever made with FLRN. Each transaction is verified with a unique signature that can only be created by the genuine sender, which also ensures that it is not possible to fraudulently spend the same balance twice. Transactions are written to blocks, produced every 2 – max 2.5 minutes, and secured by advanced cryptographic algorithms in a process known as mining. 

What are master nodes?

Masternodes were invented as a unique addition to the FLRN network. They form a second layer used to ensure that the blockchain is easily available to all network participants. Masternodes also perform a number of other functions related to network health and efficiency, such as management, securely storing user data, processing transactions for light wallets, and facilitating instant and private transactions. If you want to join ur X11 FLRN masternode network contact our development by filling in this contact form, https://www.florijncoin.com/support-development/

How does InstantSend work?

FLRN was the first digital currency to offer secure instant transactions based on the masternode network. Unlike conventional blockchains where it is necessary to wait for transaction confirmation in a block, FLRN uses the network of masternodes to validate that the amount specified in the transaction has not yet been spent and then locks it within 1-2 seconds so that it cannot be reissued until the transaction is completed. All transactions that try to use the same money will be rejected by the network, even in the case of a 51% attack.

What is a mnemonic password?

A recovery phrase is a collection of 12 or 24 words that represents a specific set of cryptographic keys. Since spending FLRN consists of signing and making transactions, losing or giving away your recovery phrase is the same as losing or giving away your FLRN. Because the recovery phrase is only used when creating or recovering a wallet, it can be used to restore access to your FLRN if your phone or laptop is stolen. This is an important advantage over the traditional cash in your wallet, which is permanently lost if stolen. See www.ellipal.com for the best cold wallet and mnemonic titanium storage safety case for your private keys.

Ellipal Mobile Wallet?

Florijncoin ticker FLRN is listed in the global ELLIPAL mobile wallet, which can be downloaded for free from the Apple and Google Play Store and can be used directly to fund your Florijncoins | FLRN to store, receive, send and exchange. See www.ellipal.com for the world’s best hardware wallet where you can also store your FLRN offline.

What is a Hard fork?

A hard fork refers to a radical change to the protocol of a blockchain network that effectively results in two branches, one that follows the previous protocol and one that follows the new version.
In a hard fork, holders of tokens in the original blockchain will be granted tokens in the new fork as well, but miners must choose which blockchain they are going to continue verifying.
A hard fork can occur in any blockchain, and not only in Bitcoin (where hard forks have created Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV, among several others, for example).
A hard fork can also happen when there a no miners manufactured anymore, then you need a new chain with a new blockchain.

Florijncoin | FLRN is privately developed and financed!

‍Florijncoin | FLRN 57770824
Owned by Pay Ventures Trust located on sovereign soil at Sovereign Squamish Government (SSG) located in Canada, British Columbia.
BOIB (IP) trademark no. 1030127
Website: www.florijncoin.com
E-Mail:  info@florijncoin..com


Project-name Florijncoin
Ticker FLRN
E-Cash digital money for digital payments
Max supply 640.000.000 MLN, (FLRN)
Minted for direct sale on the CMC exchanges 200.000.000 MLN, (FLRN)  Note: Parts of these FLRN/Dolar funds will be issued as grants to support and grow the FLRN community and future development.
Total in circulation see Block explorer see: http://inspector.flrn.pro:8080/  with circulation at 27-12-2022 of a Coin Supply 260,723,395 MLN, (FLRN)
Proof-of-Work (PoW)
X11 safe and secure consensus Asic algorithm
X11 ASIC minable with an Ibelink, Spondoolies, StrongU X11 miner on our centralized private mining pool:  http://miningpool.flrn.pro/
(De)centralized everyone can join, the mining pool or set up a master node, after KYC, contact our pool master and development info@florijncoin.com
A Florijncoin | FLRN master node requires you to have and lock 10500 FLRN into your own collateral address. These coins will not leave your wallet. They will simply be “soft locked”. You still have access to them at all times. To set up a master node you need to buy a special node from our development team for 1500 euros and they will help you to set up the master node online on your own IP address!
Block Explorer:  http://inspector.flrn.pro:8080/
Development Contact: https://www.florijncoin.com/support-development/|\
Florijncoin | FLRN is a decentralized cryptocurrency that was introduced in November 2018, with the aim of becoming a leading payment medium in tomorrow’s cashless society.

Investment note:

Florijncoin | FLRN is not listed yet. Only with an investor aboard we can and will list Florijncoin | FLRN on the Coin Market Cap (CMC) https://www.coinmarketcap.com

“A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution.“
Quote by: Satoshi Nakamoto ( founder of Bitcoin).


This is a promotion channel that is only for your education and is not in any way shape or form financial advice. We advise you to do always your own research. Cryptocurrencies can be very volatile, there are many forms of cryptocurrencies. Always take care of all your payments and your family’s needs before you start investing! Join us and invite all your friends and family so they can learn about fiat, crypto, CBDCs, SCBDC, Stablecoins, and all the financial markets! For good advice get yourself a good financial advisor! #DYOR only when crypto is listed at the exchanges it has a real value see the Coin Market Cap website: www.coinmarketcap.com Please always take care of all of your family bills first, and take care of your family first before investing. Florijncoin is developed in the last 3 years to be safe and secure, by our own development team. We never ever give you any financial advice, always do your own research. #dyor. Florijncoin | FLRN www.florijncoin.com email info@florijncoin.com  Note: The ownership belongs to Pay Ventures Trust, which is located in British Colombia, Canada, under the jurisdiction of the Sovereign Squamish Government (SSG) and Longhouse Court.

Team Florijncoin Community Management.