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The Florijncoin | FLRN White Pay Paper is a dynamic document

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  • Owned and maintained by the Ecrypty Group B.V. Dutch chamber of commerce number: 57772320

We are of course always obliged to hand over your data to the competent authorities in the event of fraud and/or in the event of an investigation by the police, judicial authorities or tax authorities, etc. We will also be obliged to always report all illegal activities, such as offering us ” dirty money”, to the relevant authorities. Security and better financial services are what we stand for. Florijncoin | FLRN will be only for sale at a regulated CMC exchange that will also do the KYC & AML check-up, you are only allowed to buy a maximum that is given to you on the exchange.

Florijncoin | FLRN is privately developed and financed by:

Ecrypty Group B.V.
PO-box 6040
5600 HA Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Chamber of commerce no.: 57772320
RINS no. 852729972
Creditsafe no. NL03409637
BOIP trademark no. 1030127
Certificate of good conduct Ministry of Justice and good conduct no. N4614158

Website www.ecrypty,.com
E-Mail info@ecrypty.com

Ticker FLRN
X11 consensus algorithm
Max supply 640 million coins
ASIC minable http://miningpool.flrn.pro/
Block Explorer  http://inspector.flrn.pro:8080/
Use case global Payment coin
Head of Listing and Development email:  vvlien@ecrypty.com

DISCLAIMER: Fiat & Cryptocurrencies can be very volatile. The investment values do fluctuate, based upon the coin market value. Prices can go up and down. The value is pending upon the actual demand of the fiat valuta or the cryptocurrency. The actual purchase and sales of the coin on the Coin Market Cap (CMC) exchange do determine the actual price daily price. In case more coins are sold and kept the higher the price, they will rise on the coin market cap (CMC) price, and in case more coins are sold the price will go down. The past is never a guarantee of any future development. No promises no guarantee. This is not financial advice! We are not financial advisors. We are not your financial advisors. Use your money first for your daily livelihood. This is not investors’ advice. Make a free-willed decision based on education and your own due diligence. Cryptocurrencies and some fiat currencies can behave very volatile. Please always do consult professional advice and ask for second opinions.