Florijncoin uses a hardcoded X11 masternode:

With a hardcoded Florijncoin X11 masternode, you can make a nice recurring income for yourself and get paid in Florijncoins, these Florijncoins can you exchange later on, at all the available exchanges that have Florijncoin listed.

If you buy a Florijncoin X11 masternode now, you just click on the bluw link below and order your own masternode and our IT team will set the masternode up for you. So when you recieve your masternode, the only thing that you have to do is;  connect it at home to the internet with a internetcabel in your router and connect the powercord and voila your own masternode is running now and making a lots of Florijncoins for you. And you are helping our X11 Florijncoin Blockchain to get super fast and lateron you also can vote with them.

Once your own masternode is set up, your Florijncoins will come automaticaly to your connected Florijncoin Wallet where your can see them, please remember ( never ever get the staked 10.000 FLRN out of your masternode wallet, because it will stop working and you need to buy a new hardcoded masternode).

Click the button to order you own Florijncoin Masternode

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