Founder & CEO
Brief info

As CEO at Ecrypty Group B.V. and the founder of Florijncoin and with a lot of experience in banking, insurance, brokerage and real estate and as a former leader of a large entrepreneurial business club, he has enough experience to encourage the Florijncoin team and to make it a great success for everyone who wants to start using Florijncoin in Europe for payments, savings or investments. Its his job as CEO to bring large companies onboard, to link nice products and services to our FlorijnPay network. This will have a great impact on the results and give more stability as an alternative means of payment in addition to the Euro. If a lot of people in Europe are going to use Florijncoin, then we know for sure that everyone will be very happy with our alternative payment method, where you can be your own bank without a bank or other intermediary! As a coin, we will have to build a large community very quickly and we do that via social media and TV and entrepreneurs and consumers who give us their favor factor! Strong together is the motto! Join Florijncoin and we will do everything in our possibility to make you happy and to ensure that you will not regret it.

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