Florijncoin is a decentralized X11 algorithm blockchain superfast and secure designd for all European payments, savings and investments directly to eachother, without the middelman like banks and paymentproviders.

Florijncoin create iit’s value from users like you, all consumers and entrepreneurs buy buying product and services an investing in projects and saving your money with Florijncoin.

see our webshop or buy at the Exchanges that will list Florijncoin.


we are a superfast payment, savings and investmentcoin that everyone in whole Europe can or will use.

There are many explain video’s on the internet what a blockchain is please google blockchain and do you due dilligence first before you start with buying Florijncoins.

The transaction fee is 12.50 block per block, see http://pool.flrn.pro.

Our Florijncoin X11 blockchain is superfast so all payments are within one second.

Florijncoin has 620.000.000 coins so we can use it for more than 400 jears.

If you are an entrepreneur you can start using Florijncoin for payments, savings and investment right away after that you have downloaded a Florijncoin wallet you can recieve payments within a second and save a lot of banking and payment provider costs and its much saver to, because noone will robb you company anymore.

Florijncoin is private funded by the team without any investors we start this project, now its time that also our community help to fund our development team so they can start and improve the whole Florijncoin ecosytem step by step. Sacan our QR code and pay something for our developement team if you want to help us funded.

Start downloading your wallet buy some Florijncoins, tell all friends and family and all entrepreneurs you know about Florijncoin, help them on the Florijncoin path and let them see how superfast Florijnpay works!