Florijncoin is a x11 blockchain with a super fast payment, savings and investment network.

Click on download a Florijncoin wallet, click on save, download free online unzip programm; WINZIP unzip and strat the wallet. Let the Florijncoin wallet sick and send us a e-mail with your wallet address and name and phonenumber and we send you one Florijncoin for free to test uyour wallet. If you have any problems contact our Development team or fill in the contact form..

The Florijncoin community can create value by buying more Florijncoins, paying and saving with Florijncoins and investing with Florijncoins at all consumers and entrepreneurs in whole Europe. It will trigger the Florijncoin price in a upwards lift, so by using Florijncoin we can all add more value to Florijncoin and all bennefit from it together witout the middlemen.

You can buy Florijncoins in our webshop, directly via our paymentprovider DailXS who do your KYC and AML control, or you can buy Florijncoin direclty at some exchanges that have Florijncoin already listed on their Exchange.

Florijncoin is a peer to peer cryptocoin, so you can pay, save or invest direcly together and even, without the middelemen or an expensive bank or paymentprovider, as long there is a internetconnection you can use pay, save and invest with Florijncoin, even when the banks are offline or the ATM’s don’t work, you can still pay with Florijncoin.

About all technical info, you can contact our X11 Florijncoin blockchain team, or see our Mining Pool and Block Explore, or see our contact page on the website!

A X11 Florijncoin blockchain is like a digital Florijncoin bookkeeper, a network of electronic Florijncoin bookkeepers to control all the blocks with the sended information on the X11 Florijncoin blockchain.

The transaction fee is only one cent per Florijncoin transaction.

All our Florijncoin transactions are confirmt in one second, becuase we are a superfast X11 safe and secure blockchain, test us out and you will be amazed.

We can run Florijncoin for arround 500 years form now, until the last block is mined.

Every entrepreneur can contact our team and let all consumers pay with Florijnpay. Just send us an e-mail: info@florijncoin.com.

We are not an ICO. Florijncoin is a Start-up that is privately funded and built and developed by the Ecrypty Group B.V.  see our Ecrypty Group Company website: www.ecrypty.com.

By buying some Florijncoins in our webshop see: www.florijncoin.com/webshop or by using Florijncoin as a payment, savings, or investmentfund and donation to charity’s or to our developement team and Start-up team.