At this moment you can NOT buy masternode, these will not be sold until we are listed on at least two Coin Market Cap (CMC) exchanges. If we are listed, the purchase procedure for a Florijncoin masternode is as follows; You always contact the IT Team vvlien@erypty.com first to purchase a Linux mini pc and set up the masternode installation costs and then purchase FLRN on the Coin Market in consultation with the IT team Cap (CMC) exchange where Florijncoin ticker FLRN list has been listed and you buy there at least;

Coin Market Cap Exchanges (CMC) here you need to buy the 10.100 FLRN cons to stake your masternode wallet, for a properly functioning masternode must always remain in the masternode, if you remove the 10,000 staked FLRN from the Florijncoin masternode wallet, it will immediately stop and you can no longer use it, you will have to pay the installation costs again and the FLRN to get it working again. Because you buy the FLRN through the Coin Market Cap (CMC) exchange, the result is that the supply on the exchange is reduced and because this sale is quoted directly on the exchange (exchange) by more demand from FLRN purchase, the market value becomes which the exchanges indicate more stable or the price of the FLRN may increase. An exchange value is always supply and demand price the same as with Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies. As soon as we have finished you can contact our IT team by e-mail: vvlien@ecrypty.com Our IT specialist Vincent van Lien will explain everything how the mast code works and install it for you after purchase..

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Florijncoin Masternode  #FLRNNODE

Due to listing you can not buy MASTERNODES now, you have to wait until we are listed at the third party exchanges, see the Coin Market Cap Exchanges (CMC) where you buy Florijncoins when we are listed to stake your masternode or to hold..

Our FLRN X11 blockchain masternode will give you a recurring FLRN income that you cannot sell to us, but only can sell on the third party CMC exchanges. On the Coin market Cap exchanges (CMC) can sell, buy, trade or exchange all coins! .Due to the listing proces of Florijncoin, we have set the masternode price to the staked coins for 10.100,- euro and therefor you need to buy first 10.100 FLRN at the third party Coin Market Cap (CMC) Exchanges to stake in the  mastenode. In the Florijncoin webshop you can only order the FLRN minicomputer, plus IT and Blockchain instalation from our IT team this cost a 1250,- euro included tax and tranport costs, the IT team will help you to operate your FRLN masternode at home or business IP address. When listed you can buy, sell, trade and exchange all your mined Florijncoin ad the third party Coin Market Cap exchanges (CMC). agains the real value on the exchanges, because they will decide the market value of FLRN to gether with all buyers and sellers ( suplay and demand).

When listed you can order your FLRN minicomputer and IT and Blockchain installation pakket in our webshop. The coin to stake you buy in at the Coin Market Cap Exchanges!

Update our IT team let your daily Masternode profit directly land in your own ELLIPAL wallet.

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