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Start mining your own Florijncoin (FLRN) today with a 550 GHS X11 Asic Miner. This X11 miner can also join all other X11 coins and X11 mining pools. Mining Florijncoin at the X11 algorithm 550GH’s speed will pay see our Florijncoin pool ?

The seller of an X11 miner can never guarantee the ROI of a miner, it depends on a lot of matters. So mining is always on your own risk. You can buy this miner at Ecrypty Group B.V.. The more people joining the mining pool now, the more value FLRN will get over time! Buy an X11 mineral and start mining on the X11 FLRN mining pool.

Buy your miner now, you can only pay the miners plus service computer with euros; € 8700,- included transport and tax and delivery within 14 days after payment.

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Gewicht 25 kg
Größe 64 × 52 × 20 cm

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