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Use Florijncon | FLRN for Instant transactions with micro-fees. Any amount, anytime, anywhere, Globally.

Get paid, or shop, and pay your bills With Florijncoin | FLRN.

Florijncoin | FLRN a decentralized application that gives you the freedom to move all your money any way you want. Grab a coffee, split a check, or pay your phone bill. Florijncoin | FLRN moves your money anywhere, to anyone, instantly, for less than a cent. We are looking for Entrepreneurs who want to accept Florijncoin | FLRN in their businesses for products and services. Florijncoin is a cryptographic X11 algorithm blockchain a fork of Dash for superfast and COVID-free peer-to-peer payments and savings with your free to download distributed ledger at ELLIAPL mobile multi-wallet and cold wallet with over 5 million wallet users that have FLRN in their multi-wallet. The ELLIPAL Mobile multi-wallet is free to download in the Apple and Google Play Store. Search for ELLIPAL at the App Store and install it now and see FLRN in the wallet now you’re ready, you got an FLRN wallet account and can receive FLRN send (pay) FLRN, and soon Exchange (swap) FLRN. Blockchain. Totals Supply FLRN = 640.000.000  see our Block Explorer.


Hello developers, if you have experience in X11 cryptography, consensus algorithm (same as Dash) then join our Florijncoin development core team, our development team is looking for your help to build out Florijncoin to one of the best X11 cryptographic payment coins. Please contact our developers Vincent and John by development e-mail:: At this moment are Vincent and John busy with a problem with the payment system of the X11 mining pool and this must be 100% ready before listing


Our Florijncoin development team is now busy with listing Florijncoin on several good exchanges that are listed on the Coin Market Cap (CMC) and Coin Paprika and Coin Gecko these third-party exchange’s will give a real market price and value to Florijncoin | FLRN. We never buy or sell coins from or to you! Regulations allow only buying and selling via Third-party cryptocurrency exchanges!


First, get your mobile phone or tablet and go to the Apple or Google Play store and search for ELLIPAL It’s a third party distributed ledger a multi-wallet, see also than download the free multi-wallet, make an easy to remember password en choose Segwit wallet and accept the terms and conditions and write down the private keys on a paper and store them secure! now go to the wallet and say add coin and add FLRN when you click on FLRN you get a second screen and you see your FLRN wallet address click on the wallet address and copy it and send it to with your name and phone number and we send you 10 FLRN to start for free!  Teel all friends and family about Florijncoin Ticker for exchanges FLRN.. See our instruction video:  934d2af95a9bb40c-video


The key to the Florijncoin speed, security, and enhanced capabilities is innovation and 24/7 security called master nodes. FLRN master nodes are operated by our community of users. They constitute the backbone of the FLRN network, relaying user transactions and confirming them globally within seconds. Master node operators are paid to provide these services to the FLRN network and act as stewards of the network by voting on budget proposals. For more information about the Florijncoin masternodes and to set up your own Florijncoinmasternode, please contact our development and pool master email to;


See our Florijncoin ticker FLRN White paper:


ELLIPAL mobile wallet IOS see APP store or this link:

ELLIPAL mobile wallet for Android  see APP store or this link:


For our Florijncoin logo see this link: 



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Florijncoin cryptographic X11 mining pool with Know your Customer (KYC) for regulations and security, you need an Ibelink, StrongU, D3, Spondollies miner to mime Florijncoin ticker FLRN

Florijncoin miners can only mine Florijncoin | FLRN after contacting our Florijncoin pool master Vincent, you can then join with an X11 algorithm ASIC miner, mining is always at your own risks and we never pay for your mined coins, you can only sell them when de coin is listed at an exchange (nobody is forcing you to mine) you need an X11 miner and it will cost your electric costs, if you start mining note its only your risk and your money and you can never hold us responsible, after making a mining pool account and doing a formal Know Your Customer Due Diligence check-up (KYC) via our pool master Vincent email to join to: Powered by Manageable IT. See our Block Explorer::  

Florijncoin Block Explore for network check-up:


1. Ibelink
2. StrongU
3. D3 see Bitmain
4. Spondoolies

Note: Connect and Contribute your Hashrate, mining and masternode are only and always at your own risks, we never payout you can only sell your coins at the third-party exchanges! For more information about the Florijncoin Pool or master, nodes contact our technical staff mail to


At the third-party Coin Market Cap (CMC) Exchange, our ticker name will be FLRN.. When we are listed you can check the FLRN trade-view on the following website::  coming:

Coin Market Cap (CMC)


What is Florijncoin? FLRN explained

Florijncoin ticker FLRN is one of the decentralized payments cryptocurrencies on the market and enjoys incredible support from its community and also developers are looking at us worldwide. Founded in the year 2019 by the Ecrypty Group B.V. was created under the impression that speed and security, scalability is some of the major issues yet to be solved by any cryptocurrency. With that in mind, the X11 cryptographic developers of Florijncoin started the development in the year 2020 and we’re focused on building a much faster payment cryptocurrency than Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies with a very low fee and good security and also with the upcoming regulations in mind.

In today’s article, we are going to dive deeper into Florijncoin and take a close look at what it has to offer. What is Florijncoin and what has one of the oldest and most battle-proven cryptocurrencies on the market to offer?

Florijncoin is fast

A new block occurs on the X11 FLRN blockchain every 10 minutes on average. Florijncoin on the other hand is 40x faster than BTC and the block time is maxed 2 minutes. At the same time, the fees using FLRN are absolutely negligible. Before Stabelcoins were widely available, many traders were using crypto to transact funds between exchanges using its lower fees and faster transaction times. It helped them to avoid too much volatility while sending funds from one exchange to another because it was simply quicker.

But Florijncoin is not only reduced to speed because the developers had bigger plans in mind and were aiming to enable all users to use Florijncoin as a blockchain ecosystem that is built on different layers. Florijncoin is supported by a variety of hardware and software wallets like ELLIPAL with 5 million multi-wallet users that also have FLRN in their wallets, enabling users to send and receive FLRN and its native assets even on mobile phones.

How is Florijncoin secured?
Florijncoin is secured by a cryptographic decentralized peer-to-peer X11 cryptographic algorithm on a distributed ledger (see multi-wallet and cold wallet at ELLIPAL in the Apple or Google Play Store) and a real-time difficulty adjustment, and an own FLRN masternode for our 24/7 blockchain 51% attack protection, which allows it to prevent malicious mining attempts and handles hash power fluctuations on the Florijncoin X11 Blockchain network.

Therefore, Florijncoin is based on proof of work, and the network is secured by miners. It is possible to mine Florijncoin with an X11 ASIC miner and everyone can make a mining account after doing a Know Your Customer (KYC) check-up for security reasons of our X11 Blockchain network.

This approach means that Florijncoin can rely on its own mining pool which is not supported by all kinds of different individuals and companies participating as miners. The fact that everybody can participate in our FLRN mining pool, means strengthens the effort to decentralize the fast FLRN network.

Who created Florijncoin?

Florijncoin was founded in 2019 by the Ecrypty Group BV who took over the role as the founder and head of the project with the X11 developers. The genesis block was created in January 2019 which started the Florijncoin X11 blockchain. In May 2021 a team of investors took control over the project’s development and affairs after Toine Aarts stepped down from his position. Still, Toine remains one of the most notable figures in the Florijncoin community and is still actively promoting his invention with the crypto world.

The takeover by the new Investors is a great step in the future of Florijncoin for more mass adoption. This reflects the decentralized character of the X11 FLRN blockchain project and ensures that everybody is able to contribute to its SDK “Software Development Kit” open-source community.

Florijncoin | FLRN is more than just a fast X11 blockchain

Another fact is that Florijncoin started very early to develop its own ecosystem of so-called FlorijnPay. It is possible to use Florijncoin to transfer value, just like with the Bitcoin network. But FLRN can be used for fast payments globally.


Chat: https://www.discord/florijncoin/
Coin Market Cap:


Besides the official Coin Market Cap (CMC) exchanges there are also Coin Brokers where you can buy and sell digital cryptocurrencies, at preset prices with some Broker profit. They are usually easier to use and are faster than exchanges, but also more expensive.. We will also list Florijncoin tickerFLRN at some of those Brokers and digital exchange offices, but first, we need to get listed and some Coin Market Cap (CMC) exchanges.


Florijncoin ticker FLRN is not authorized or regulated by the AFM or any other regulators,. because we are only a payment and savings coin, you can only buy, sell or trade your Floriincoin’s at the third party Coin Market cap (CMC) exchanges or Coin Gecko exchanges or Coin Paprika exchanges, or at some regulated third party crypto brokers. So you can not buy any Florijncoins on our website! always see the CMC exchanges:


Day-to-day compliance requirements can be difficult to scale for many businesses
within the cryptocurrency industry, such as KYC/AML compliance for exchanges. The largest names in KYC/AML for cryptocurrency help ensure that businesses remain in compliance. Our partners in this space provide state-of-the-art KYC/AML services to some of the best-known cryptocurrency companies, law enforcement agencies, and financial institutions around the globe.


The status of FLRN as “not a security” or “not a utility coin” but only a payment coin and store of value, has been validated by many entities, which provided the best possible score of 1.0, equivalent to the score for Bitcoin. Florijncoin is only a superfast payment coin that can be used worldwide and is listed in the third-party ELLIPAL mobile and cold wallet. Free download in the Apple or Google play store.


Cryptocurrency prices are extremely volatile. As a result, the value of all your saved, cryptocurrencies may fall significantly and it could lose all of its value. This fall in value could happen over time or immediately and you will have no recourse or protection in the event this is the case. Please only proceed to use our Florijncoin website, only if you have fully understood and are willing to accept all these cryptocurrency risks.


Secure your computer see:


Until listed on a Coin Market Cap Exchange you cannot claim any price or other rights. The project is 100% mainnet after listing. An investment is always risky. You should study all information before making an investment decision. Know that crypto can always be volatile! You can connect your X11 miner to every X11 pool and mine all X11 coins you want with it! As a crypto-miner, you are your own boss. Crypto can only have a real market value when it’s listed on the CMC Exchanges! Therefore, mining and being a master node owner can only and always be done at your own risks, by using the Florijncoin and with mining or masternoding you always automatically accept all our terms and conditions and risks! If you don’t want to accept our terms and conditions and risks, please do not use Florijncoin either our website, mining, etc. All rights are reserved.

Head of development Vincent van Lien email:

#X11 #Devs #blockchain #Welcome contact Vincent and John.

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Disclaimer: We never give you any financial advice, you need to do your due diligence!
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