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Florijncoin | FLRN is best known as the first digital superfast payment currency with a focus on ease of use, anonymity, and transaction speed. What many people do not know is that these features are implemented on top of a network of dedicated servers known as master nodes, which gives rise to many exciting features not available on conventional blockchains.

How Masternodes Work

Masternodes are powerful servers backed by collateral held in FLRN and are designed to provide advanced services and governance on the blockchain. Dash has been associated with the concept of master nodes ever since the invention of this novel concept soon after the project started in 2018.

Masternodes host full copies of the blockchain and provide a unique second layer of services to the network, facilitating advanced functions such as Instant Send, Private Send, and usernames on the Florijncoin | FLRN X11 V01.16 superfast blockchain.

Masternodes must be backed by collateral denominated in 10.100 FLRN, and in return, their operators receive regular payment for the services they provide to the network. As highly committed custodians of the project, master node operators are given the opportunity to vote each month on up to 10% of the block reward to fund community projects supporting the FLRN X11 ecosystem.

Buy and ordering a Florijncoin Masternode

Information on the FLRN X11 master node and how to buy and use them can be found here.

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