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Florijncoin | FLRN

01. Get Started

How Florijncoin works

STEP 1. Read all the Florijncoin info;

Learn first how cryptocurrency like Florijncoin | FLRN works, and how to save it and how to pay with it and how you can exchange it. Never invest your last money! if you are ready to use, buy, sell, trade, or exchange cryptocurrency it's all at your own risk!

STEP 2. About;

Florijncoin is a peer-to-peer X11 superfast Blockchain Network for payments, savings in whole Europe it’s digital money. You can start by making an account at the regulated CMC exchange, the exchange provides you also a wallet to keep your FLRN and to change your FLRN and you can also download a Florijncoin wallet on your mobile phone in the App store see ELLIPAL download it for free and install it on your mobile so you can pay, receive, hodl and trade and exchange it.

See for the IOS Ellipal App

See for the Android App

STEP 3. Buy some Florijncoin | FLRN ;

To buy your own Florijncoins (short name FLRN) go to the regulated CMC Exchange and order yours and you buy them, they will add them directly to your personal wallet, click on the header menu on the link Exchange.

STEP 4. Secure storage of your Florijncoins;

When you want to keep your FLRN of the internet and 100% safe you can buy a Cold Wallet to keep them offline and safe for €175, - including tax and transport, for more info contact our team

#Beyourownbank with Florijncoin | FLRN.