Get Started

Florijncoin | FLRN | for in Europe

01. Get Started

How Florijncoin works

STEP 1. Register/Login;

Go to the upper right menu see button Account and Register yourself or Login with your e-mail address and password. Now you are know in our system and can start buying coins and products.

STEP 2. About;

Florijncoin is a peer to peer X11 Blockchain Network for payments, savings and investments in whole Europe. You start by downloading a Florijncoin wallet and install it on you desktop PC with Windows, Mac-OS, Linux, Raspberry pi, and soon you can download the IOS Ellipal App see this IOS link or download the Android app in the google play store for all mobile wallets in the Apple App store or the Google Play store and you can use it for any amount, any time, anywhere. Find yourself a FlorijnPay point at use your mobile wallet to pay with Florijncoin!

STEP 3. Download a wallet;

The first thing that you need to do is download a personal Florijncoin Wallet and then buy your own Florijncoins and then you can start Paying, Saving, Investing or donate to a charity fund or to our Florijncoin development team, directly without a third party like a middlemen. Now you can #Beyourownbank, with your Florijncoins and pay or receive any amount, Any time, Anywhere in whole Europe.

STEP 4. Buy some Florijncoins;

To buy your own Florijncoins (short name FLRN) go to our webshop and order yours after filling in the password FLRN2020# and after you did buy them we will send your FLRN directly to your personal wallet, see the blue buy button below!

STEP 5. Secure storage of your Florijncoins;

In our Florijncoin webshop, you can buy an Ellipal Hardware Cold Wallet to store all your Florijncoins and other top 200 coin very secure and you also don't need internet access, because Ellipal is a offline wallet and therefore the most secure wallet on the crypto market. So hurry be on the safe side and see our webshop to order one for yourself! #Beyourownbank.