The next step for Florijncoin is to find investors or a take over by an entrepreneur to get florijncoin | FRLN listed at some big Coin Market Cap (CMC) Exchanges.

Exchanges facilitate the trading between their users at market prices, much like a stock exchange with supply and demand is how the price will be made on an Cryptocurency Exchange.  If you knwo some investors or an entrepreneur taht want to take over our blockchain project to bring it to a lot of exchanges, please contact than our Florijncoin team by e-mail: Wil will do everything in our power to make this project a succes that is our prommis to our Florijncon community, but a team needs also support froma community for sharing our social media channels and to take this X11 FLRN blockchain in to a succes for all of us!

To use Florijncoin shortname FLRN, you need a crypto wallet, we recommand you the ELLIPAL mobile wallet, the ELLIPAL mobile wallet is easy to download in the Appple or Google Play store and its for free to download! In our Florijncoin Webshop you can buy a Éllipal cold wallet and a letterbox to store all  coins and your private keys  Partners and stakeholders/investors can contact the Ecrypty team for all kind of co-operations and business, just by sending us an e-mail to our Florijncoin team e-mail to::



At the Coin Market Cap Exchanges our ticker name will be: FLRN.  When we are listed you can check the FLRN tradeview the following websites:

Coin Market Cap (CMC)

Coine Gecko Tradeview

Coin Paprika Tradeview

WHen listed we will place here all the Coin Market Cap (CMC) Exchanges.


Brokers buy and sell digital currencies at preset prices. They are usually easier to use and faster than exchanges, but also more expensive.
We will will also list here all the Brokers when we are listed on their websites!

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