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As soon as development gives us a go then we can start to get Florijncoin | FLRN listed Our development team has the blockchain almost main-net, which means we are almost 1005 safe and ready for exchange listings on third-party exchanges, where Florijncoin ticker FLRN will get its first real market exchange value, and where everyone after the listing can buy and sell and trade all his Florijncoins | FLRN on this coin market cap exchange(s). Follow us our website, timeline, social media channels, like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and after listing on the coin market cap

Keep an eye on our development page  and our social media channels or see the website 

Development, exchanges, question contact with Mr. Vincent and John email:

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Florijncoin is 100% owned by the Ecrypty Group B.V. a Dutch company and listed at the Dutch chamber of commerce number: 57772320
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Stay tuned for more details coming up!

Your Florijncoin | FLRN development team.

Before the first listing, all the coins that are being mined are minted at your own risk, we never forced you time min them. If you have an X11 miner, you can mine Florijncoin ticker FLRN, with an X11 miner or a masternode. Florijncoin is an X11 cryptography algorithm for fast global payments. Florijncoin can only be brought or sold or traded when Florijncoin | FLRN is definitely listed at one or two Third-party Regulated CMC exchange(s) until then the market value is ZERO or €0.,- note, and you cannot claim any right or value to it from the owner company,  Ecrypty Group B.V. because we will only sell Florijncoin via the official third-party regulated CMC exchanges. We will keep you all informed via this exchange page, when we are listed on the Coin Market Cap (CMC) or Coin Paprika or Coin Gecko, via this Florijncoin website or Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn ( Social Media Channels). Florijncoin is peer-to-peer from one to another personal cryptocurrency wallet. Some Exchanges can convert digital currency balances into anonymous prepaid cards which can be used to withdraw funds from ATMs worldwide while other digital currencies are backed by real-world commodities such as gold. To join and exchange you must make an account en you must do a small (KYC) Know Your Customer. and Anti Money Laundering )AML) with a selfie, and your id card front and back, and proof of residence,

Buy, Sell, Trade, Exchange, or Covert at the listed and regulated exchange when we are listed on the coin market cap exchanges (CMC).
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