Event name

The cryptocurrency, mining, masternode master course

About the event and date : Florijncoin will organize a crypto cours for all crypto fans, attend if you can!

One month before the Event we will announce here the date and official details!


Name: Hotel Eindhoven
Address: Aalsterweg
City: Eindhoven
Country: Netherlands
Phone number: 0621674851

Event price:

Event price in Euro: 150,- euro for the morning session a half day.
Event price in Euro: 250,- euro for the afternoon session included lunch.
Event price in Euro: 350,- euro for a whole day.
Number Attendees in the morning: 12 from 09.00 – 12.30
Number Attendees in the morning: 12 from 13.00 hours till 17.00 hours..

If you are interested in participating, please fill in your details in the Event Registration Form below. You will be autimatically registered.
Your registration must be completed at least 7 days prior to the event, in order to participate.

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Below, you can find a map of the event venue.
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