The content on this website, its white paper, and other related documents is to inform you of a concept and a general plan, where to we’d like progress now. The timeline reflects the ideal situation, but it’s never a guarantee, that we can set things up on the right time, where a general risk applies, like having setbacks during development, financial hurdles, technical or new government regulations or licenses, or other problems which cannot be foreseen at the time of building and [promoting before we are listed at the coin market cap (CMC) exchanges. Florijncoin always looks for improvement, please let us know if you’d want something improved. That is the reason why the content in this white paper is subject to change all the time, as we work on a community-driven approach. Florijncoin and this document in no way constitutes an offer for solicitation to sell shares or securities in Florijncoin or any other related company we are only a payment and savings coin. This document is not intended to inform you of any investment decision you may make and we will not give any financial or investment advice, recommendations, if you join Florijncoin you only do this on your own free will and know that there is not yet any value of the Florijncoin for the coin and Mining pool and master nodes before we are listed at least on two Coin Market Cap (CMC) exchanges. Florijncoin is an independent company that belongs 100% to the Ecrypty Group B.V. which produces an open blockchain with the same name. The Florijncoin blockchain can be operated by anyone who wants to. When someone wants to buy Florijncoin tokens, we advise them to seek advice from legal, financial, fiscal, investment professionals and other advisors to help them decide if it’s a smart move to buy Florijncoin tokens because when listed at the third party Coin Market Cap Exchanges you’re the only one that takes the risk of buying Florijncoin at the Exchanges Ecrypty Group B.V. will never guarantee them you only can buy, sell, trade or hold at the exchanges and hold in your free to download ELLIPAL wallet. Florijncoin accepts no liability for any capital loss caused by information on this website, its white paper, and other related documents or mining pools or master noding. Florijncoin is aware of the value of data for its users. In order to follow the rules in the current system we know as the European Union, Florijncoin will conduct the correct legal laws and requirements regarding KYC / AML and will strive to maintain the values ​​of transparency and fairness. Florijncoin will also comply with the AVG & GDPR regulations in which areas this also applies.

The community-driven approach Florijncoin initiates makes it so that it’s targeted towards a sharing and open online community, which will generally improve Europe (their home) on a micro-level. This means that all development is built democratically. Technical developments named in this document: Florijncoin ticker name: (FLRN), Florijncoin Mining FLRN, Florijncoin Masternodes, and the ELLIPAL wallet with FLRN are in development all the time and they will be for the coming years. This website, its white paper, and other related documents propose to be developed concepts. The soft cap that’s being funded by the Ecrypty Group B.V. only, is to be considered a startup capital. This is to be seen as a business risk applicable to any startup and cannot be redeemed. Therefore, Florijncoin will not give any guarantees or warranties about the working, profits, and all technical details can be given by Florijncoin during development unless otherwise stated. The Florijncoin team will work closely communicating with the Florijncoin community regarding see our link in the header of the website Social Media. Florijncoin stands for open trade across Europe and also in Florijncoin (FLRN) That being said, Florijncoin gives no guarantees about the FLRN value and performance of the Florijncoin (FLRN). Florijncoin acts independently as a part of Ecrypty Group B.V. and all participants in the sale of the Florijncoin at the third-party exchanges are expected to act independently as well. The Florijncoin team does not give any advice to any possible participant or member of the Florijncoin community to determine for themselves what potential and yield they feel the Florijncoin (FLRN) will produce at the Third-party (CMC) exchanges. Users need to be 18 years of age or older to buy and sell on the Third Party (CMC) Exchanges. Florijncoin or Ecrypty Group B.V. can never be responsible for the loss of your money or coins because we don’t sell and we don’t hold you Florijncoins. The Florijncoin website and information is available to most people 18 and older in Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Georgia, Estonia, Germany, France, Faroe Islands, Monaco, England, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Ukraine, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

Owning Florijncoin is not restricted to borders. Florijncoin can be traded globally, but can only be traded on the Third-Party Coin Market Cap exchanges. Florijncoin is a cryptocurrency. This means that it’s not backed either supported or acknowledged as a currency by governments or banks. The Florijncoin blockchain is created by an independent company (Ecrypty Group B.V.) but has its own living span outside this company. That’s why you only can buy, sell, trade, and hodl at the Third Party Exchanges. Ecrypty Group B.V. is only the developer of the product Florijncoin.
Florijncoin can give all people in Europe a second payment and savings and hodl platform with you can pay and save virus (COVID-19) free, that’s why Florijncoin is built by the Ecrypty Group B.V. Florijncoin is not here to ‘destroy the European Union’, Florijncoin would rather redefine the payment and savings system.  Though Brussels might be criticized by members of the Florijncoin Community, Florijncoin means to offer another currency solution for Europe, where many Europeans have had no real choice in the last decades. The European Union may also make a central banking coin in the future that maybe can be easily exchanged with all cryptocurrency at the third-party exchanges. Unifying Europe in some ways could be soon possible, as long as we can build and focus on the benefits it will have for the people of the European continent.

What are the risks of investing in virtual currencies?

More and more consumers are interested in investing in virtual currencies, partly because of the spectacular returns. Virtual currency (also known as cryptocurrency) can be described as a means of payment that is not checked and not issued or guaranteed by a central bank. Bitcoin and Ethereum are well-known examples, but there are also more than hundreds of different virtual cryptocurrencies. Buying is only on your own risk and must never be done with your last money or money that you cannot afford to lose!

A financial bubble?

Due to the recent increase in popularity and the explosive price increases, these currencies show similarities with a financial bubble. With a bubble, the prices can rise a long time, but a small event, such as a negative news item, can suddenly make it burst. Realize that the prices can collapse unexpectedly and quickly, you only can buy, save, sell, trade cryptocurrencies on the third party exchanges that are listed on the coin market cap, con gecko, coin paprika exchanges.

More risks

In addition to the risk of forming a bubble, the AFM also points out other risks when investing in virtual currencies: Virtual currency currently falls outside the supervision of the AFM and DNB. The rates of virtual currencies can fluctuate dozens or even hundreds of percent per day. In addition, there is a real risk that the value of virtual currency may permanently fall to zero, and then you have lost your money. Virtual currencies are vulnerable to cybercrime. It is possible that others get access to your wallet through a hack, which means you can lose your virtual currency. If you lose the password from your digital wallet, it is no longer accessible in any way. This means that you have lost your investment forever. Many virtual currencies have little trade. This makes them vulnerable to price manipulation, for example by artificially inflating the price. The large increase in popularity can attract providers with fraudulent intentions. For example, you can become a victim of a pyramid scheme with virtual currency. This allows you to lose your invested money. The AFM advises consumers who want to invest in virtual currencies in order to immerse yourself well in the product. Be aware of the risks and costs, spread your investments, and never invest more money than you can miss. The AFM and DNB are committed to fair and transparent financial markets. Exchanges must be regulated and licensed a coin developer as Ecrypty Group B.V. will only bring a product to the market to buy, save, sell on the third-party exchanges. As an independent supervisory supervisor, we contribute to sustainable financial well-being in the Netherlands and Europe. All content set out within this website, its white paper and other related documents are subject to change all the time because of regulations and licenses, etc.

Due Diligence

Always do your own due diligence and remember we are only a fintech builder, buying, selling, saving of cryptocurrency you only can do at the third-party exchanges and wallet providers and they all are licensed for those transactions. See also the disclaimer on our Florijncoin Pool before you start mining or master nodeing. More information about investing can also be found on the AFM’s consumer website: www.afm.nl or www.dnb.nl