FlorijnCoin (FLRN)

Ecrypty Group B.V.
Schweitzerlaan 16
5644 DL Eindhoven

D-U-N-S ® Nummer: 491007124
RSIN nummer: 852729972
Chamber of Commerce no: 57 772320
VAT nr. NL852729972B01

Phone +31(0)880047903
E-mail: info@florijncoin.com
Website: www.florijncoin.com
Website: www.flrn.eu

* Part of Ecrypty Group B.V.

Florijn Agency

Florijn Agency
Schweitzerlaan 16
5644 DL Eindhoven

Chamber of commerce: 17115518
VAT nr. NL142102441B02

Phone +31(0)880047903
E-mail: info@florijnagency.com
Website: www.florijnagency.com

* Part of Makelaarij & Zakelaarij Netherlands

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ONLY November to 31 December 2018 | EARLY BIRD

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Florijncoin is a new start-up that is bringing the Florijncoin Token to the market. We need you to make it to the exchanges to make it a real coin! That means that after the token-sale, buyers can exchange their Florijncoin for Euro’s, if they want to.

However, Florijncoin needs to be standing on its own…

Team Florijncoin is ready to help out where needed. See the release stages below!

What are we working on in the mean time?
The blockchain & wallet is now in beta testing, which includes pre-mining, pool managing and configuring the masternodes.

Creation of token: X11 algorithm and the hybrid PoW/Pos and the mining rig. Setting the Masternode ruleset. Pre-mining the first tokens that we are going to sell. Florijncoin is a startup that will bring the FLRN token to the market and if we succeed you can exchange at the third party exchanges in to fiat.

We are obliged to inform you that funding a startup is a risk that buyers need to take in account for themselves.

NOTE: A startup can fail and money can be lost.

Past returns and successes are never a guarantee for the future!

Having that message out of the way, let’s do it together and help us with sharing our news and all our social media annoucements!

Florijncoin (FLRN) is a startup. Buy tokens at your own risk. The Florijncoin blockchain is currently being developed.
The main network is now planned for 2020. Read the White Papers and this website for more information.