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General Information

Super fast and cheap Payment, gaming, and gambling cryptocurrency
Florijncoin | FLRN is listed in the Third-Party Wallet of ELLIPAL see the APP store and
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Exchanges: Not Listed Yet
Banking license from the Sovereign Squamish Government (SSG) BC.
Investors are welcome:
Development by Pay Ventures™ Trust in SSG BC Canada
Developers, Vincent van Lien and John Brekelmans
Development contact only by email:

Coin Specs

Coin Name: Florijncoin
Coin Ticker: FLRN
Use case:  Sovereign Global Payment Coin
Asic Blockchain with X11 algorithm
Max. coin supply: 620.000.000 FLRN
Block Explore
Mined: 200.000.000 FLRN for direct sales via exchanges
Coin Supply: 261..355.555 FLRN
Block Reward 655 FLRN
Ext, Avg. Time per Round (Network) 2 minutes 12 seconds
Ext, Avg. Time per Round (Pool) 8 minutes 43 seconds
Recalculated Difficulty Every block
Mining Maturity 100 Blocks (approx. 1.66 hours)
Private X11 mining pool access only via pool master
Masternode Collateral 10.200 FLRN

X11 mining

One of the most powerful and secure crypto mining algorithms in the world is X11, an algorithm designed on the basis of using a sequence of different hash functions, with a single purpose: to offer the best possible security for cryptocurrency mining. Want to mine? You need to join the FLRN mining pool after KYC contact our Development contact only by email:

Join and contribute and become a FLRN member, and earn a 10 FLRN reward now, download the ELLIPAL MOBILE WALLET in the APP Store and send your FLRN wallet address to: