Florijncoin Ticker FLRN is designed for fast, fair, and secure peer-to-peer digital payment transactions as an e-money, that’s better than cash, it’s super fast and you can always pay COVID-free.

With you ELLIPAL mobile wallet you can easily pay, send and recieve and store all your Floirijncoins. Consumers can easily pay at all entrepreneurs, merchants and retailers who want to accept Florijncoin for their stores, businesses, cafes, restaurants, cinemas or festivals, events. Florijncoin is a superfast payment coin listed in the Third-party multi-wallet at ELLIPAL www.ellipal.comFlorijncoin can be only brought or sold at the regulated third-party exchanges listed on the coin market cap (CMC) or Coin Paprika or Coin Gecko. Due to the Dutch goverment and DNB and AFM regulations, to which all cryptocurrencies must comply starting of 01-01-2021.

Florijncon owned by the Dutch hightech and development company, Ecrypty Group B.V. which will never buy or sell coins to you becuase of all the new Dutch 2021 regulations!  Only for some social media branding, we will give away some coins to our community.


FLRN is instant, global, and easy to use.

Download a free ELLIPAL multi-wallet in the Apple or Google Play store, search for ELLIPAL. Download today and start moving all your Florijncoin or other coins in minutes. To safely store all your Florijncoins | FLRN buy an ELLIPAL cold wallet you can also order it in the Netherland mail the set costs 160 euro included tax and shipment with tracking! Florijncoin | FLRN has only value when definitely listed at a third-party Exchange see Coin  Market Cap ( CMC)

Mobile Phone or a Tablet as Payment Terminal?

Al entrepreneurs, merchants, retailers can easily use a smartphone or a tablet as a payment terminal that means installing the ELLIPAL mobile wallet on your mobile phone or tablet and you are set to pay and receive all Florijncoin and other coin payments.


The merchant gets the money immediately when the customer completes the push request on their mobile phone and can exchange it directly on a third-party cryptocurrency exchange when we are listed or swapb it for example BITCOIN) in the Ellipal Wallet..

Our Approach

To solve these three problems and extend the maximum capability of cryptocurrency payment, we introduce a whole new approach. Our approach consist of three parts:
The privacy of you, your employees, residents, or students is crucial. That is why every participant owns his or her own data and it is NEVER shared without your explicit permission. We give that guarantee. Our platform is also secured according to ISO 27001. We keep all entrepreneurs and merchants informed via this Florijncoin page. Powered by The Florijncoin | FLRN Community. Owned and maintained by the Ecrypty Group B.V. Dutch chamber of commerce number: 57772320

Team Florijncoin will never give you any financial advice! A cryptocurrency has only real market value, when it’s listed at a regulated exchange, you can find these regulated exchanges at the Coin Market Cap (CMC) Coin Paprika or Coin Gecko. Here you can also find all the listed exchanges. Note: Trading in financial markets or similar markets, or particular in all kinds of digital cryptocurrency markets, carries a high level of risk which may not be appropriate for all investors or users, cryptocurrency can be very volatile and you can have a big risk of loss of your investment. Learn about the risks associated with trading in foreign third-party exchanges or other underlying assets or digital cryptocurrencies or similar assets and seek advice before using the Application from an independent financial or tax adviser or other experts if you have any questions. All the data and information is provided ‘as is’ solely for informational purposes and is not intended for trading purposes or advice.

In the case of trading in digital cryptocurrencies or similar assets, we expressly warn you that it is at your own risk and all entirely your responsibility. You should understand and be aware of your local, state, or national legislation (hereinafter referred to as “Legislation”) allows you to trade and/or hold digital currencies or similar assets. In the case that trading and/or holding, buying, holding, mixing, masternoding, digital currencies, or similar assets is an illegal activity according to Legislation, you bear all risk and responsibility for the breach of Legislation. Trading, buying, or selling on a third-party exchange is always at your own risk (nobody is forcing you to mine, buy or sell).

TIPS; always invest only at CMC exchange portals and try it first with a small amount and always hold your own private keys or the portal must be insured. And remember not your keys are not your crypto! Store your private keys very safe or see our webshop! Florijncoin does not hold your private keys for you. You are your own bank always remember that! We cannot access accounts, recover keys, reset passphrase, nor reverse transactions. Protect your keys & always check that you are on the correct URL. You are responsible for your security. Use the Third-Party multi-wallet with FLRN download an ELLIPAL wallet now in the Apple or Google Play store and you can pay, receive, hold, all your FLRN.

Note: Only use Florijncoin | FLRN if you have read everything on our website and agree with our terms and conditions!

Powered by The Florijncoin | FLRN Community

Owned and maintained by the Ecrypty Group B.V. Dutch chamber of commerce number: 57772320

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