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We are a superfast payment coin based on an ASIC mineable cryptographic X11 Algorithm Blockchain, for all your worldwide payments! Download an ELLIPAL mobile wallet in the Apple or Google play store to start using Florijncoin ticker FLRN and use an all-in-one platform to pay. buy, send, receive, hold, and trade digital assets, delivering the crypto services your customers want. Crypto is creating new value, and with it driving new efficiencies, powering new capabilities, and spawning new industries, learn how financial institutions, businesses, governments, and individuals are interacting with NFTs, CBDCs, liquidity, payments, compliance, and more in our changing world.

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Using proven crypto and blockchain technology honed over a decade, Florijncoin’s enterprise-grade solutions are faster, more transparent, and more cost-effective than traditional financial services. Our customers use these solutions to source crypto, facilitate instant payments, empower their treasury, engage new audiences, lower capital requirements, and drive new revenue. Cross-Border Payments with settlements in a split second, not days!

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Learn how Florijncoin ticker FLRN crypto solutions can help you drive business innovation and impact. When listed at the coin market cap (CMC) you can follow us here at

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X11 coins such as Florijncoin ticker FLRN have been proliferating alongside other competing cryptographic algorithms. As an alternative to more popular hashing algorithms, like Bitcoins SHA256 or Monero’s CryptoNight, the X11 algorithm was developed by Evan Duffield to curb the impending threat of application-specific integrated circuits, better known as ASIC’s Mining pool Block Explorer

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