FLRN X11 Blockchain

The rise

The rise of digital money

Florijncoin ticker FLRN is built upon a fork of Dash an Asic minable X11 algorithm V.01.16 superfast blockchain for COVID free payments and savings. Crypto is becoming increasingly accessible, and soon digital fiat currencies will be too. Some people believe already in it others don't but see it the same like the post office and e-mail, first everyone say nobody will use e-mail and now everyone has it and can not miss it anymore. Anyone in the world will be able to own assets such as ‘digital money’ and people will no longer be held hostage to unstable domestic currencies.

Florijncoin | FLRN you can only buy , save and sell and trade them at the regulated and licensed exchanges at coin market cap, coin gecko, coin paprika, we will never sell them to the public becuase of all regulations that are now in place in whole Europe! See our messenger board link for all the listings when we are listed.

What Is A Block/Blockchain Explorer?

A blockchain explorer is a browser for the blockchain, similar to how we have browsers like Mozilla or Google Chrome for internet web pages. All Florijncoin users rely heavily on blockchain explorers to track their transactions. But very few users really appreciate the full potential of these explorers. These browsers provide much more valuable information than just tracking of transactions. Note: I will be using the terms “blockchain explorer” and “block explorer” interchangeably. Becuase they mean the same thing. A block explorer allows you to explore the whole entire blockchain of the platform you are using. But it needs to be noted that you can’t use a block explorer for a blockchain it wasn’t meant for. For example, you can’t trackFlorijncoin transactions with a Bitcoin block explorer.

You’ll need a Litecoin block explorer for that…
Click on the bleu butto below to see the Florijncoin | FLRN clock explorer.

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