01. Florijncoin

What is Florijncoin?

Florijncoin is a decentralized, privacy-offering cryptocurrency for the European market with a total circulation of 620 million Florijncoin. The Florijncoin blockchain is seen as one of the fastest in the world, which means that transactions can often be realized in less than a second.

Florijncoin offers a fast, digital and user-friendly platform where your privacy is paramount. Due to the low transaction costs and the userfriendly platform, Florijncoin is an interesting payment solution for consumers and entrepreneurs.

The continued development of Florijncoin always looks at the demand from the community, the European regulations regarding cryptocurrency and the safety of the users with the aim of giving the user back the power over his or her assets, whereby it is no longer dependent on expensive intermediaries or authorities.

Super-fast and safe on the blockchain.

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03. Capitalization

Florijncoin Market Value

If we can succeed to get our community of consumers and entrepreneurs to connect and use our Florijncoin ( tickername FLRN ) for all products and services and for hospitality like disco's, cafe's, hotels and festival's etc. than our Florijncoin | FLRN will rise also in price.

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04. features

Why Use Florijncoin?

05. guides

Ready to Get Started?

Nice that you want to join our Florijncoin community so you can easily pay, safe and invest with your Florijncoins. We are connecting more and more entrepreneurs with all kinds of services, products. You also can start mining your own Florijncoins with a X11 550 GH's ASIC miner or a hardcoded masternode and make Florijncoins | FLRN every day from your home. Now its time to make your own recurring income easily!

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