01. overview

What is Florijncoin?

Florijncoin is a private, decentralized cryptocurrency for whole Europe that allows everyone to take part in the whole European Florijncoin community. Our Florijncoin X11 blockchain is super fast and easy to use, Your privacy, security comes first when you are using Florijncoin. Florijncoin is the best payment solution and that without the expensive cost of a middlemen, like expensive banks or payment providers. Now you have your own key solution, for all your super fast and secure European payments, saving, investments.

Florijncoin is the future of money, for all consumers and all entrepreneurs in whole Europe, who want to pay, save or invest, super fast and secure on the blockchain and keep their financial privacy. We think that every one, has the right to pay who and where and how much they want. With Florijncoin you can pay, save or invest within a second via your Florijncoin wallet. FlorijnPay the payment system of the future!

InstantSend are private transactions, that are provided in whole Europe by the Florijncoin secure and super fast X11 blockchain network, they are totally untraceable when needed, and they only require some additional fees from you to send as fast as lightning payment. Any amount, Any place, Anywhere in Europe. #BEYOUROWNBANK #MINEYOUROWNMONEY #STAKEWITHAMASTERNODE

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03. Capitalization

Florijncoin Market Value

If we can succeed to get our community of consumers and entrepreneurs to connect and use our Florijncoin ( tickername FLRN ) for all products and services and for hospitality like disco's, cafe's, hotels and festival's etc. than our Florijncoin | FLRN will rise also in price.

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04. features

Why Use Florijncoin?

05. guides

Ready to Get Started?

Nice that you want to join our Florijncoin community so you can easily pay, safe and invest with your Florijncoins. We are connecting more and more entrepreneurs with all kinds of services, products. You also can start mining your own Florijncoins with a X11 550 GH's ASIC miner or a hardcoded masternode and make Florijncoins | FLRN every day from your home. Now its time to make your own recurring income easily!

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