01. Florijncoin

What is Florijncoin?

Florijncoin is a decentralized, privacy-offering cryptocurrency for the European market with a total circulation of 620 million Florijncoin. The Florijncoin blockchain is seen as one of the fastest in the world, which means that transactions can often be realized in less than a few seconds.

Florijncoin offers a fast, digital and user-friendly platform where your privacy is paramount. Due to the low transaction costs and the user friendly platform, Florijncoin is an interesting payment solution for consumers and entrepreneurs.

How to Get a FLRN Wallet ?

Florijncoin | FLRN partnert up with THE ELLIPAN COMPANY so everyone who want to use FLRN for payments of want to receive FLRN can now download the ELLIPAL APP for free in the Apple or Google Play store and use it to pay or save, it's a super-fast and safe X11blockchain for whole Europe! We also will introduce a ELLIPAL PoS soon!

Our Florijncoin | FLRN team wil keep you updated via our website and only on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin! We are absolutely NOT on scammy Telegram! For any problems or information you contact us only via our official mail address: info@florijncoin.com

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03. Capitalization

Florijncoin Market Value

Florijncoin | FLRN need to get listed at exchanges, our team is waiting for the right time to get listed at some big exchanges we want to do this together with a big partner!

Later on when we are listed you can buy, sell and trade FLRN. We will keep you always informed on all our social media channels, see only Facebook,
Twitter, LinkedIn, RTLZ and our website!

NOTE: Florijncoin | FLRN and our team members are absolute not on scammy Telegram!

Florijncoin | FLRN is not yet on any exchange, we will keep you updated via our website when we are get listed on the first two coin market cap exchanges!

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04. Crypto Warning

Buying Cryptocurrency is a High risk

The continued development of Florijncoin always looks at the demand from the community, the introduction price was €1,- to help our development team to develop the whole florijncoin core and Eco-system, but same like all other cryptocurrencies, coins, the market will give them the real and definitive value, only when they are listed at an  CMC exchange. To buy, sell, trade you need an exchange, to join an exchange you must first do your KYC & AML (know your customer and anti money laundering check-up )  after that you can buy crypto or sell crypto ect. on the CMC (coin market cap) exchange!  Before that the cryptocurrency is definitely listed  on an exchange, the value is (zero) and you are only helping the start-up with realizing their company plans, its a high investment risk, where you also can loose all your money, if the cryptocurrency doesn't get listed at an exchange. The European regulations regarding cryptocurrency and the safety of the users, you can find in our Whitepaper on the front page. See also our Florijncoin disclaimer: https://www.florijncoin.com/disclaimer/

Florijncoin | FLRN blockchain R&D team is made up of seasoned developers who are all devoted to the long-term fundamental development of FLRN Chain. Codes of all projects including the main-net, blockchain explorer, official wallet services will be open sourced in the future to the community for collaborative development, until then it’s prohibited to install or run a masternode, without the permission of Ecrypty Group B.V. for more information send us an e-mail: info@florijncoin.com

Our Florijncoin | FLRN team advises all consumers and entrepreneurs who want to purchase virtual currencies, to do a good due diligence  on the crypto product.. Be also aware of all the risks and costs, spread your investments and never invest more money than you can miss. During the time that Florijncoin | FLRN is not yet on an exchange you can buy minimum 100 and maximum 10.000 FLRN a month via our International regulated Payment Provider DailXS. who does also our KYC & AML check-up. You can buy FLRN only via your own bank, that also did a KYC & AML check-up on you via our payment provider to our bank. When we are listed at the third party exchanges and you want to buy at the exchanges then you need to do the KYC & AML check-up there first! DialXS is powered by CURO Payments. CURO Payments provides payment services to DialXS and has a payment service provider license issued by and under the supervision of the AFM ( Autoriteit Financiële Markten) & DNB (De Nederlandsche Bank).

In addition to the risk of forming a bubble, the AFM also points out other risks when investing in virtual currencies. Virirtual currency currently falls outside the supervision of the AFM and DNB. The rates of virtual currencies can fluctuate dozens or even hundreds of percent per day. In addition, there is a real risk that the value of a virtual currency may permanently fall to zero, and then you have lost your money. Virtual currencies are vulnerable to cyber crime. It is possible that others get access to your wallet through a hack, which means you can lose your virtual currency. If you lose the password from your digital wallet, it is no longer accessible in any way. This means that you have lost your investment forever. Many virtual currencies have little trade. This makes them vulnerable to price manipulation, for example by artificially inflating the price. The large increase in popularity can attract providers with fraudulent intentions. For example, you can become a victim of a pyramid scheme with virtual currency. This allows you to lose your invested money. The AFM advises consumers who want to invest in virtual currencies in order to immerse yourself well in the product. Be aware of the risks and costs, spread your investments and never invest more money than you can miss. The AFM is committed to fair and transparent financial markets. As an independent supervisory supervisor, we contribute to sustainable financial well-being in the Netherlands. All content set out within this website, its white paper and other related documents is subject to change.

More information about investing can be found on the AFM’s consumer website see::