Florijncoin is a digital asset (cryptocoin} for whole Europe and is designed to work as a valuta next to the Euro for payments, savings, investments, With our mobile wallets and FlorijnPay we will open the market so you don't need a expensive bank or a payment provider anymore and thats why you can safe a lot of money. FlorijPay is superfas, secure and cheap to use a=for any amount, any place, anywhere in Eurpope. We like to see a Europe where expats can buy online Florijncoin and can pay anywhere when they vissit Europe. See more about Florijncoin and FlorijnPay and start using Florijncoin for payments, savings, investments, See also our Florijncoin Mining Pool and Blockchain Explore in this nice video made by our Dutch Mainstream TV Channel; RTLZ.

Here we will explaine you more about Blockchain so you can tell everyone what blockchain is and how save and secure it is! Click on the picture to start the video!

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