02. Benefits

Florijncoin | FLRN® Benefits of instant Global Payments!


Superfast Payments via the X11 algorithm blockchain on a user-friendly platform.


Pay. Get paid. Shop. Share, where and when you want within a few seconds.


All transactions are checked by Florijncoin FLRN X11 algorithm blockchain network.


Very Low fee, to Pay. Get paid. Shop. Send and Share Worldwide any FLRN amount.
03. The Digital Crypto Evolution

Sovereign FlorijnPay, send, receive, save, fast, secure, and globally!

This is the Official Sovereign Florijncoin™, FLRN™, Floryncoin™, FlorijnPay™ Website;
Florijncoin | FLRN is a sovereign cryptocurrency that was established in November 2018 with the aim of becoming a leading payment, gaming, and gambling coin medium in tomorrow's cashless society. Now everyone on the globe can pay, fast, secure, and cheap with Florijncoin | FLRN is a highly secure payment and transporter system, Our goal is to have a profitable, stable, and safe blockchain that provides consumers and businesses unrivaled transaction processing, value, and tailored services. We do not compete with other cryptocurrencies, but rather we strive to provide solutions and support to users of all currencies and blockchains, we enable banks, payment providers, digital asset exchanges, consumers, and entrepreneurs to pay, receive and send money globally or hodl (store it), via our safe X11 algorithm cryptographic blockchain technology within a third-party ELLIPAL wallet that they can downloaded for free in the Apple or Google Pay Store. Thanks to the compute-intensive cryptography that underpins the X11 algorithm safe and secure and superfast blockchain with a peer-to-peer payment E-cash network, its only needs to be listed after we have enough funding! * Investment is risky. You should study information before making an investment decision. 😊 Know that crypto can always be volatile! Crypto has only value when it's listed on the regulated CMC exchanges. Privé or Business impact, powered by crypto transforms the way you move, and manage payments, and tokenize value. See our Block Explorer: http://inspector.flrn.pro:8080/ To start go to the Apple or Google Play Store and download an ELLIPAL WALLET. We are here for all consumers, businesses, merchants, corporate, governments, globally.

Follow us, for all our Florijncoin updates! Only when listed on the (CMC) third-party exchanges it will have a real market value, until then the value is ZERO (€0, -). Join the FLRN community.
NOTE: Always do your due diligence (DYOR) and never invest with your last money, crypto can always be volatile. Please always take care of all of your family bills first, and your family first. Florijncoin is developed in the last 3 years to be safe and secure, by our own X11 development team. Crypto has only value when listed on an exchange. We never give you any financial advice. That’s why you always do your own research. Due to Covid and economic circumstances, are looking for Exchanges and investors that want to help us list Florijncoin | FLRN email info@florijncoin.com

We thank our community for their patience and support! 🚀🚀🚀

08. Miner & Masternode

Florijncoin | FLRN X11 ASIC mining:

FLORIJNCOIN | FLRN is a safe and highly secure X11 blockchain and global Ecash Payment system, met max 640.000.000 Million FLRN, thanks to the compute-intensive cryptography that underpins the X11 algorithm superfast blockchain network. Via the pool master Vincent van Lien, you can join the secured Florijncoin mining pool that is protected with a Know your Customer (KYC), after he desides that you can join the Florijncoin Private mining pool to contribute your own X11 mining power to the Florijncoin mining pool, to help secure our FLRN X11 network, and for that you will be compensated in FLRN by our pool master for your contribution. NOTE: All coins that you mine, will have ZERO value, until Florijncoin is definitly listed on the third-party Coin Market Cap (CMC) Exchanges. See the third party exchanges when listed on: www.coinmarketcap.com And also see the block explorer for the total FLRN in circulation at this moment!.

Contact our developers Vincent, John, or Pascall, and their team via our link Helpdesk Florijncoin.

Florijncoin X11 Mining PoolClick hereFlorijncoin Blockchain ExploreClick Here
09. donate

Donate with BITCOIN to maintain and list Florijncoin.

You can donate with your BITCOIN | BTC wallet to our BITCOIN wallet: 34kQAQ7AtQxDnb7eTCEHrm1v648x4pPp9A to help our management, marketing team and development with funding for our severs and mining and listingproces! Please Help the Florijncoin community grow, by sharing this website and all the Florijncoin Socials on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.