01. welcome

Become your own bank

Become your own bank

The FLRN Ledger is an open-sourced distributed ledger powered by a network of peer-to-peer servers/nodes. #FLRN‘s goal is to enable “seamless, real-time, final, and cost-effective” global COVID free payments. Download a free ELlipal wallet in the Apple or Google Play Store. Read the €FLRN research report⬇️

Download now your ELLIPAL mobile wallet for free in the Apple or Google Play store, make an easy payment password, accept the terms and conditions and write down your private keys and click add coins and add FLRN in your mobile ELLIPAL wallet and you can pay, save and invest anywhere, anytime, anyplace #BEYOUROWNBANK.

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02. Benefits

Florijncoin Benefits


Payments via the blockchain on a user-friendly platform.


Pay where and when you want within a few seconds.


All transactions checked by the Florijncoin network.


Send any FLRN amount throughout whole of Europe.
03. The Digital Crypto Evolution

Do business with Florijncoin

Do business with Florijncoin

Real world vendors accept Florijncoin | FLRN currency

When listed at the CMC exchanges Florijncoin will be accepted globally by businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our low fees and instant transaction time make Florijncoin tickername FLRN the preferred method of payment around the world. For your Business its safe and you easily can accept it and store it in yourwallet and exchange it in to crypto like BTC or in Cash Euro, Dollar etc. via the CMC exchanges. So stop paying your expensive transaction fees and get complete control of your ouw payments. Entrepreneurs increase the turnover and efficiency within your company by using Florijncoin. Doing business very quickly and almost for free? Start now download an Ellipal wallet in the Apple or Android store, you can download it for free. Our Florijncoin ecosystem is 100% mainnet, next step is the exchanges! When listed you can buy the FLRN on the Coin Market Cap exchanges, they will show the real time price of the Florijncoin see also your ELLIPAL mobile wallet for the realtime FLRN value when listed.

Get your mobile phone, go to the APP store and typ ELLIPAL and download it, choose a easy to remember password for paying and choose segwit wallet and write down the private keys excatly how you see them and go to add coins and add FLRN now your ready to use it! Send us an e-mail with name and phonenumber and wallet address and when lucky you win some florijncoins!

Florijncoin makes it possible! Instant transactions and micro-fees. Any amount, anytime, anywhere.

05. Network

Florijncoin is rapidly gaining popularity within the crypto community, but also among consumers and a lot entrepreneurs and therefore, we are developing together with our wallet partner ELLIPAL www.ellipal.com also a POS point of sale and crypto ATM. When it ready, crypto can go for more mass adoption and all consumers can pay with FLRN and all other top 50 crypto currencies at all entrepreneurs that have this crypto POS. France and Germany say now that crypto is real money. Florijncoin is in a start-up and the real value will be made on the exchanges with (supply and demand) when listed at some big CMC exchanges. You can now easily download your free ELLIPAL wallet with FLRN in the Apple or Android store on your mobile phone!

Stay informed of the latest developments. Follow the website, or our Facebook community Florijncoin.

07. Roadmap

Florijncoin Roadmap

See also our Florijncoin Facebook page for more Community messages.

Development of the Florijncoin X11 blockchain with a decentralized ecosystem.
January 2018
Florijncoin X11 Blockchain Presentation at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven
November 2018
The first big Florijncoin FLRN upgrade to version: 1.14.03.
July 2019
Official partnership collaboration signed with the ELLIPAL company in China and the listing on the Ellipal cold wallet.
August 2019
Developlent team made a Florijncoin Linux and macOS wallet.
30 September 2019
Florijncoin Android and iOS wallet download for free in the APP store see ELLIPAL download now!
21 October 2019
BiG update Florijncoin from V01.14 to V01.16 X11 blockchain upgrade and Masternode upgrade.
July-August 2020
Launch of the first 6 Coin Market Cap (CMC) exchange listings will be as soon as possible. after the blockchain update.
August-September 2020
Looking for partners/shareholders or a company take over Ecrypty Group B.V. to make more big steps.
September 2020
08. Miner & Masternode

Become a Florijncoin crypto miner

With mining you can earn your Florijncoins while you sleep, let the miner(s) do the work for you! Support the Florijncoin network with an X11 Asic miner like Ibelink, StrongU, Spondoolies or a Bitmain D3 miner.You can add your X11 miner(s) to our Florijncoin mining pool, after you have done a small KYC (know your costumer) request with our Florijncoin poolmaster, This is for the savety of our network! But note that Florijncoin is not yet on any exchange so mining is only at your own risck.

NOTE: Florijncoin is looking for investors/partners or a shareholder or a project take over candidate at Ecrypty Group B.V. we are already talking to some big CMC exchanges to get listed with trading pair BTC and EURO and in your mobile ELLIPAL wallet that you can download in the APP store for you Apple or Android phone, you can store all your FLRN and when we are listed at CMC exchanges you can also swap your coins there in the onboard exchange. Warning: Buying, trading and mining crypto can be a high risk! For more info or for support mail us at our support mail address: support@florijncoin.com

Florijncoin X11 Mining PoolClick hereFlorijncoin Blockchain ExploreClick Here
09. donate

Donate to us and support with FLRN | FAzSu8PNkfAfqadpwDCba6CwuGqC8CCF3s

The Florijncoin development was only funded by the Ecrypty Group B.V. the company that brought Florijncoin to the European market and kind people like you! Developemnt is very important for every project, safety and sercurity also. Our Developemnt team exist out of independed IT-ers and Programmers, the most are with us from the start and help us with all updates and development on our X11 blockchain, mining pool and block explorer, with de x11 miners and the masternodes. Our latest update is to V15.01.01 if you are a miner or a masternoder or a community member, we like it very much if you donate something for our hardworking development team.

Thanks Developemt Florijncoin Ticker FLRN