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Florijncoin - FLRN - FlorijnPay

This is the Official Florijncoin™, FLRN™, Floryncoin™, FlorijnPay™ Website;

Florijncoin ticker FLRN is a super-fast payment and transporter coin and it enables banks, payment providers and digital asset exchanges, consumers, and entrepreneurs to pay, receive and send money globally or hodl (store it) via our safe X11 algorithm cryptographic blockchain technology. Stay also up to date now and follow us, for all our Florijncoin updates! Only when listed on the (CMC) third-party exchanges have a real market value when listed, until its listed the value is ZERO (€0, -). NOTE: Always do your due diligence (DYOR) and never invest with your last money, crypto can always be volatile, always take care first of all your bills and family. Developed by our own X11 development team, over 3 years of development to build it safe and secure!

Download the ELLIPAL mobile wallet in the Apple or Google Play Store and add FLRN.

Team Florijncoin only Community Management.

02. Benefits

Florijncoin All Benefits for Consumers and Entrepreneurs!


Superfast Payments via the X11 algorithm blockchain on a user-friendly platform.


Pay. Get paid. Shop. Share, where and when you want within a few seconds.


All transactions checked by the Florijncoin FLRN X11 algorithm blockchain network.


Very Low fee, to Pay. Get paid. Shop. Send and Share Worldwide any FLRN amount.
03. The Digital Crypto Evolution

Everyone can pay and receive worldwide with Florijncoin.

Florijncoin | FLRN is a highly secure payment and transporter system thanks to the compute-intensive cryptography that underpins the X11 algorithm superfast blockchain peer-to-peer payment E-cash network.

Privé or Business impact, powered by crypto it transforms the way you move, manage
and tokenize value. See our Block Explorer: http://inspector.flrn.pro:8080/


Thanks for your support! 🚀🚀🚀
* Investment is risky. You should study information before making an investment decision. 😊 know that crypto can always be volatile!
Crypto has only value when it's listed on the regulated CMC exchanges.
We started in 2019 with development and we are still busy with development.
All rights reserved. Disclaimer: *This is NOT financial advice! Always DYOR.
Florijncoin | FLRN Develoment team Vincent van Lien and John Brekelmans
Mining only on rekwest after doing KYM via email; info@florijncoin.com only our pool manager Vincent van Lien desides who can or can not mine Florijncoin on our private Florijncoin Mining pool.
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05. Florijn coin X11 Blockchain Network

Florijncoin |FLRN is rapidly gaining popularity within the worldwide crypto community, but also among all consumers and entrepreneurs to use it as a superfast worldwide payment and transporter coin, that is listed in the free third-party service provider multi-wallet of ELLIPAL see www.ellipal.com Which you can download in the Apple or Google Play Store and see our short name FLRN. Even the IMF International Monetary Fund informs people now to start using cryptocurrency Google and see their YouTube video.

Stay informed of the latest developments, form Vincent and John see below our Florijncoin | FLRN roadmap. Follow the Florijncoin website www.florijncoin.com and join all our Social Media Channels.

07. Roadmap

Florijncoin | FLRN X11 Blockchain Roadmap

Check all our Florijncoin Facebook and Linkedin and Twitter community messages for all updates! Liability. Our website has been compiled with great care. Nevertheless, no guarantees can be given with regard to the timeline in connection with technical imperfections, or sudden malfunctions, or direct or indirect problems with third parties like exchanges or coin market cap. Florijncoin will always comply with Dutch and worldwide legislation and regulators such as AFM and DNB, which is why from 2021 you can only buy, sell, trade your coins via a regulated third-party exchange see CMC, www.coinmarketcap.com when we are listed. Until listing FLRN value is ZERO, because Coins and Tokens only have real value when the are listed at an exchange. Before that its a project that need to get developed to be ready for an exchange that is listed at the coin market cap where demand and supply make the real coin or token value. Florijncoin |FLRN is 100% owned by Florijncoin Ventures Ltd

Start-up of the Florijncoin FLRN team and development team for the X11 algorithm payment blockchain. Presentation at the Hightech Campus in the Netherlands.
November 2018
Development started building the Florijncoin FLRN on a X11 Algorithm ASIC minable Florijncoin blockchain, for superfast and secure payments worldwide.
Q2 2019
Official partnership and collaboration signed with the third-party multi wallet and cold wallet service provider ELLIPAL www.ellipal.com
Q3 2019
Developlent team compiled a complete whole new Florijncoin FLRN core with Linux wallet & Windows Wallet & MacOS wallet and with whole new design.
Q3 2019
Florijncoin FLRN is definitly listed in the third-party mobile multi-wallet & cold-wallet at ELLIPAL see App Store and www.ellipal.com
Q4 2019 - Q4 2020
Big security X11 blockchain & wallet & pool & masternode & block explorer upgrades and listing API upgrade by our developement team Vincent, John and Pascal.
Q1 & Q2 & Q3 2021
Development Vincent and John need to fix the miningpool payments, and block explorer security upgrade, before we can start with the Florijncoin FLRN listing proces at third-party regulated exchanges.
Q3 & Q4 2021
Planning to list on 2 CMC regulated exchanges, and starting with Social Media marketing campaigns of Florijncoin FLRN on twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.
Due to Covid in WHOLE 2022
08. Miner & Masternode

Florijncoin | FLRN X11 ASIC mining:

FLORIJNCOIN | FLRN is a highly secure X11 blockchain and globally payment Ecash system, thanks to the compute-intensive cryptography that underpins the X11 algorithm superfast blockchain network. Via our independent development team and our pool master Vincent van Lien, is the only one who can deside who can mine Florijncoin | FLRN to contribute processing their own X11 mining power to help to secure the FLRN network and be compensated in FLRN for their contributions. NOTE: All coins that you mine have ZERO value until listed on the coin Market Cap (CMC) Exchanges www.coinmarketcap.com

Contact Vincent van Lien (poolmaster) and development John Brekelmans: info@florijncoin.com

Florijncoin X11 Mining PoolClick hereFlorijncoin Blockchain ExploreClick Here
09. donate

Donate to development to maintain Florijncoin. Support with FLRN | Wallet Address: FAzSu8PNkfAfqadpwDCba6CwuGqC8CCF3s

Florijncoin | FLRN is privately developed without any investors, when we are listed at the regulated exchanges listed on the coin market cap (CMC), everyone can donate for maintaining the Blockchain ( server costs) and for further development of the Florijncoin | FLRN X11 payment blockchain, pool, and block explorer. We appreciate it if you want to help us with good ideas and some funding to maintain the Florijncoin blockchain, servers, and for all our development, server costs, and listing costs. Florijncoin | FLRN is 100% owned by Definitum Solutions LTD (UK)

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