01. welcome

Become your own bank

The new payment method within Europe. Pay your cup of coffee, your beer, go shopping and pay the QR code with your Florijncoin wallet, scan and you have paid or shop online. Florijncoin makes it possible. Secure, digital and super fast, without high costs. from third parties. Florijncoin can easily be purchased online and used as a payment method at all Florijnpay Points.

02. Benefits

Florijncoin Benefits


X11 Connectivity across FlorijnPay payment network.


FlorijnPay X11 Blockchain InstantSend, on-demand settlement.


Real-time Blockchain traceability of all Florijncoin funds on Block Explore.


Very Low operational and FlorijnPay liquidity costs in whole Europe.
03. The Digital Crypto Evolution

Do business with Florijncoin

Stop paying expensive transaction costs and get complete control of your payments yourself. Entrepreneurs increase the turnover and efficiency within your company by using Florijncoin.

Knowing more... #Beyourownbank with Florijncoin.

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05. Network

Fast Growing European Network...

Florijncoin is rapidly gaining more popularity among crypto community. Lots of real companies and some exchanges (who will valuate the Florijncoin price) have adopted our Florijncoin now already. There is soon much more to come. So dear community stay tuned and we will inform you al the way via social media Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Dutch National TV, at RTL-Z.

We will keep you all informed when we are listed at the exchanges!!!!!!!!
Please follow Florijncoin therefore also on Social Media.

06. Team

Board of Directors

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is the main decision-making body in Florijncoin corporate governance structure. The Board is responsible for the company’s organization of Ecrypty Group B.V. and the management of the company’s business of Florijncoin.

Toine Aarts

Founder & CEO

John Brekelmans

Blockchain & Node Engineer

Sukanda Buppha

Financial Controller

Vincent van Lien

Blockchain Engineer

Ivo Brouwers

HR, Communications
07. Roadmap

Implementation Sheet

We are working hard on our Mainnet with our Florijncoin team.

Development of the Florijncoin X11 Blockchain with decentralized ecosytem.
January 2018
Florijncoin Ecosystem and Blockchain Presentation, High Tech Campus Eindhoven
November 2018
Release version 1.14.0 Florijncoin website, Pool, Masternodes, Explore, Wallets
01 July 2018
Official listing at Tyche Exchange and Ellipal Cold wallet and Ellipal Exchange
28 August 2019
Building IOS & ANDROID Mobile Apps. Release before mainnet.
01 September2019
Launch of our Florijncoin mainnet with our FlorijnPay platform.
01 january 2020
08. Miner

X11 ASIC Miner Needed

Go to our Florijncoin Pool or checkout the Florijncoin Block Explore.

Start now, invest in the future and get the best roi paid in Florijncoins, together we can help the Florijncoin Blockchain, for all transactions, and mining new coins and grow our community and tell all consumers and entrepreneurs to use Florijncoin and the Exchanges will valuate together with all buyers and sellers and investors the price of the Florijncoin.

Florijncoin gives you all the freedom, to move your money any way you want!


Florijncoin X11 Mining PoolClick hereFlorijncoin Blockchain ExploreClick Here
09. donate

Donate to Support | our Development

Florijncoin is not a pre-mined coin, all of its development was only funded by the Ecrypty Group B.V. the company that brought Florijncoin to the European market and kind people like you!