01. welcome

Become your own bank

Become your own bank

The new payment method within Europe. Pay for your cup of coffee, your hotel bill or order those new pants on the internet. Secure, digital and super fast. Florijncoin can easily be purchased online and used as a payment method at all Florijnpay Points.

Florijncoin makes it possible! #BEYOUROWNBANK

02. Benefits

Florijncoin Benefits


Payments via the blockchain on a user-friendly platform.


Pay where and when you want within a second.


All transactions checked by the Florijncoin network.


Send any amount for less than a cent throughout Europe.
03. The Digital Crypto Evolution

Do business with Florijncoin

Do business with Florijncoin

Stop paying expensive transaction costs and get complete control of your payments yourself. Entrepreneurs increase the turnover and efficiency within your company by using Florijncoin. Doing business very quickly and almost for free?

Florijncoin makes it possible!

05. Network

Florijncoin is rapidly gaining popularity within the crypto community, but also among consumers and entrepreneurs. This can be clearly seen through the growth of transactions on the Florijncoin network and the demand from entrepreneurs to be able to accept Florijncoin through FlorijnPay.

Stay informed of the latest developments. Follow us on the website, social media and watch our broadcasts on RTL-Z.

06. Team

Florijncoin team

The board of directors is the most important decision-making body in Florijncoin's corporate governance structure. The board of directors is responsible for the organization of the company Ecrypty Group B.V. and the management of Florijncoin's business activities.

Toine Aarts

Founder & CEO

John Brekelmans

Mining en blockchain engineer

Sukanda Buppha

Financial Controller

Vincent van Lien

Blockchain Engineer

Ivo Brouwers

07. Roadmap

Florijncoin Roadmap

Development of the Florijncoin X11 blockchain with a decentralized ecosystem.
January 2018
Florijncoin Ecosystem and Blockchain Presentation at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven
November 2018
Florijncoin upgrade to version: 1.14.03. Florijncoin website, Mining pool, Masternodes, Block Explorer, Windows and paper wallet.
July 2019
Official collaboration signed with Ellipal and the listing on the Ellipal cold wallet.
August 2019
Florijncoin Linux and macOS wallet.
30 September 2019
Florijncoin Android and iOS wallet listing on the Ellipall APP see APP stores.
21 October 2019
Launch of the Florijncoin mainnet and the FlorijnPay payment platform.
01 january 2020
08. Miner & Masternode

Also becomes a crypto miner

Earn Florijncoins while you sleep and let the miner do the work for you! Support the Florijncoin network with an X11 miner or add a master node to generate a passive Florijncoin income. Start now, invest in the future and get paid in Florijncoins!
Add your miner to the Florijncoin mining pool and follow every transaction via the block explorer.

No X11 miner or Florijncoin masternode yet? No problem, we are happy to help you further on our webshop.

Florijncoin X11 Mining PoolClick hereFlorijncoin Blockchain ExploreClick Here
09. donate

Donate to Support | our Development

Florijncoin is not a pre-mined coin, all of its development was only funded by the Ecrypty Group B.V. the company that brought Florijncoin to the European market and kind people like you!